CompacTire is the world's premier solution for scrap tire handling. Whether recall tires require total destruction or a dealer wants to capitalize on lowered transportation expenses, CompacTire's revolutionary stapling process permanently disables a tire and then reduces its size by more than 50%. The CompacTire system is intended to be placed in dealerships and warehouses where scrap tires are generated or stored. There are also larger, automated systems built specifically for the needs of tire manufacturers and field abatement suppliers.

CompactTire does not change the chemical properties of a tire. The only components added to a tire that's been stapled are four common steel nails. Stapled tires are able to be cut, shredded, burned, baled, frozen and, in many cases, improve throughput for a processor and end-user. The CompacTire process merely densifies the tire and enables it to be stored, transported and handled for recycling more efficiently. A tire that has been stapled by CompacTire can never be put back into service and the process only takes a few seconds.

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